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Programmatic DOOH has been the buzz term of the past few years, and with the industry so rapidly evolving, it's more important than ever to be informed. By getting certified through our Pioneer Programmatic DOOH 101 course, you'll be able to confidently take part in the global conversation around the evolution of DOOH.



  • You're an OOH professional looking to upskill in programmatic DOOH and the cross-channel opportunities for DOOH.

  • You're a programmatic trader new to the world of DOOH and are interested to learn more about how it works and how you can utilise it.

  • You're a brand or publisher looking to understand what advantages and opportunities programmatic DOOH can bring to your business

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Daniel Wunsch

5 star rating

“Great intro to PDOOH!”

“Great intro to PDOOH!”

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Stuart McMahon

5 star rating

“Interesting and thought provoking, a well explain introduction into the subtleties of PDOOH ”

“Interesting and thought provoking, a well explain introduction into the subtleties of PDOOH ”

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Joe Jaraved

5 star rating

“Very good”

“Very good”

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Yuri Berezovoy

5 star rating

“Felt like watching over again, straight to the point on the vital points, feel ready to move on the journey. ”

“Felt like watching over again, straight to the point on the vital points, feel ready to move on the journey. ”

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asked and answered

Details on getting started

  • How long does it take?

    The course will take between 6-8 hours to complete - with additional content being released on a regular basis to our students via the doohx Slack community.

  • What's my investment?

    PDOOH 101 is available for €279 per student. Get in touch with the team if you would like to learn more about volume discounts.

  • When can I start?

    As soon as you sign-up via any of the links on this page, you will instantly receive an email with your access to our custom learning platform - where all the course material will be available for you right away. You will have 3 months to complete your certification.


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Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction - Welcome to doohx!

  • 02

    Module 1 - What is programmatic DOOH?

    • Module 1 - Overview

    • Module 1 - Section 1 - What is PDOOH?

    • Module 1 - Section 2 - What does PDOOH offer?

    • Module 1 - Section 3 - Why now?

    • Module 1 - Review

    • Module 1 - Assessment

  • 03

    Module 2 - How does it work?

    • Module 2 - Overview

    • Module 2 - Section 1 - How does it work?

    • Module 2 - Section 2 - The buy side

    • Module 2 - Section 3 - The sell side

    • Module 2 - Section 4 - Deal types

    • BONUS - Deal types with Broadsign's Ben Allman

    • Module 2 - Review

    • Module 2 - Assessment

    • BONUS - PDOOH campaign briefing checklist (download)

  • 04

    Module 3 - The benefits of PDOOH

    • Module 3 - Overview

    • Module 3 - Section 1 - How PDOOH enhances DOOH

    • Module 3 - Section 2 - The new world of DOOH

    • Module 3 - Review

    • BONUS - Australia's PDOOH landscape with Broadsign's Ben Allman

    • Module 3 - Assessment

  • 05

    Module 4 - What are the challenges of PDOOH?

    • Module 4 - Overview

    • Module 4 - Section 1 - The challenges that are challenges

    • Module 4 - Section 2 - The challenges that are not

    • Module 4 - Review

    • Module 4 - Assessment

  • 06

    Module 5 - Who are the players?

    • Module 5 - Overview

    • Module 5 - Section 1 - The PDOOH Ecosystem

    • Module 5 - Section 2 - The DSPs

    • BONUS - Setting up a deal with Awarion's Alp Ayhan

    • Module 5 - Section 3 - The SSPs

    • Module 5 - Review

    • Module 5 - Assessment

    • BONUS - Pay per play DSP demo with CAASie

  • 07

    Module 6 - Reaching your audience

  • 08

    Module 7 - The cross-channel opportunity

    • Module 7 - Overview

    • Module 7 - Section 1 - Accessing PDOOH

    • Module 7 - Section 2 - Enhancing campaign performance with PDOOH

    • Module 7 - Review

    • Module 7 - Assessment

  • 09

    Module 8 - Let's get creative

    • Module 8 - Overview

    • Module 8 - Section 1 - HTML5

    • Module 8 - Section 2 - Creating context

    • Module 8 - Review

    • Module 8 - Assessment

    • BONUS - Case studies | HTML5 and dynamic creative, with Awarion's Alp Ayhan

    • BONUS - Additional reading

  • 10

    Module 9 - Creating a successful PDOOH campaign

    • Module 9 - Overview

    • Module 9 - Section 1 - Measuring success in PDOOH

    • Module 9 - Section 2 - Troubleshooting your PDOOH campaign

    • Module 9 - Review

    • Module 9 - Assessment

  • 11

    Module 10 - Getting started

    • Module 10 - Overview

    • Module 10 - Section 1 - Getting started for buyers

    • Module 10 - Section 2 - Getting started for publishers

    • Module 10 - Review

    • Module 10 - Assessment

  • 12

    Final words

    • Final words from your instructor

    • Feedback survey

    • DOWNLOAD | Course slides



What's included?

Everything you'll get in your course

  • 3 months access - to work through the course at your own pace

  • 10 Modules, with 2-4 sections per module covering every aspect of PDOOH - from what it is, how it works, and how it can be implemented to the benefit of your business.

  • Insights from industry experts from every area of PDOOH - including DSPs, SSPs, digital agencies, publishers and more.

  • Access to our private Slack community - where we'll share bonus content in the form of podcasts, blogs and more.

  • Assessments at the end of each module to help solidify your learnings.

  • Your PDOOH 101 certification, in the form of a digital badge (credentials verified by Accredible) which can be shared to your LinkedIn profile and beyond.

  • Access to any updates or additional modules that are included in the future as PDOOH 101 continues to evolve.

Need multiple courses?

buying for your team

If you'd like to sign several of your team or clients up for certification, we'll be happy to set up bulk access and discuss any possible volume discounts.


  • What's included in this course?

    You'll receive 3 months access to PDOOH 101, which consists of 10 pre-recorded modules. Each module is made up of 2-4 sections and ends with a quiz on the content covered in that module. You will also receive bonus modules, as well as additional, downloadable resources as you work through the course. You'll also receive access to our exclusive Slack community, where we will be covering the course in more detail, hosting Q&As, and much more.

  • What do I get at the end of the course?

    All our courses at doohx are certification courses, so when you complete the course (with a passing grade of 80% or higher), you will receive your digital badge, verified by our certification partner Accredible. You will be able to share your credentials directly to platforms like LinkedIn to showcase your newfound mastery of the PDOOH basics.

  • What if I'm not happy with the course?

    Our goal at doohx is to educate, and to make insightful resources for the OOH industry available at scale. If for any reason, you're not happy with the course, you can contact us and we will issue a full refund - provided you've completed less than 50% of the course.

  • Can I take part in the course from anywhere in the world?

    With the goal of making this course as accessible as possible to markets around the world, all the modules are prerecorded and can be completed as and when they fit into your schedule. Any additional resources included will be available and accessible any time via your platform and our Slack community.

  • I want my team to take part in the course, is that possible?

    Of course! If you would like to purchase multiple courses for your team, please get in touch with us ( and we'll set up the accounts on your behalf and advise on any volume discounts that may be possible.

  • Can I start the course at any time?

    Absolutely! All the modules will be immediately available to any new students via our online learning portal.

  • Do I need to be an OOH specialist to take this course?

    Not at all! This course covers the foundations of programmatic trading in DOOH, and is suitable for learners of all levels. If you would like to dive more specifically into DOOH as a medium - the formats available, how it's planned, how it's measured and how it's targeted - our DOOH 101 course is now available!