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Designed to bring robust industry-standard education to the global OOH market.
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The OOH Society

The new home of OOH

Join us in doohx's The OOH Society for access to our certifications, plus weekly masterclasses, Q&As, discussions posts and much more!

our certifications

what we offer

  • Education

    In an industry-first, our certification programs are designed to demystify DOOH and its evolution into a mainstream programmatic medium.

  • Collaboration

    We bring together experts from every corner of the DOOH industry on a global scale to offer well-rounded, informed, and collaborative resources.

  • Certification

    Establish your credentials in an ever-evolving industry with our certification courses, designed to upskill and future-proof your knowledge on all things DOOH.

The OOH Society

Access all our certifications

One place to learn from an engage with the global OOH community. Join us to get OOH certified!


Grow your knowledge with doohx

  • Foundational courses

    Our foundational courses are our entry-level certification programs - PDOOH 101 and DOOH 101 - containing the essential knowledge forthose discovering the world of DOOH or the programmatic trading of DOOH inventory.

  • Advanced course

    Our PDOOH Advanced certification builds on the foundations of our PDOOH 101 certification to dive deeper, provide richer insight, and ignite a global conversation around the future of PDOOH in our industry.

  • Specialist mini-certifications

    PDOOH for Buyers is dedicated to the buy-side of PDOOH, with a specialised curriculum designed to empower media buyers to execute efficient and successful PDOOH campaigns. PDOOH for Publishers will be live in Q4 2023.


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Our sponsors at Broadsign are supporting our industry's education by subsidising access to doohx's The OOH Society and our certification programs for their clients around the world. If you're a Broadsign client, get in touch with your local representative for access.