about doohx

doohx is an online learning platform dedicated to educating on all things DOOH and Programmatic DOOH.

"We're here to demystify the evolving world of DOOH for both veterans and newcomers by making meaningful educational resources readily available to all"

Brooke Ermogenis

Instructor Bio:

When I began my media career with an OOH specialist agency in Melbourne, Australia back in 2012, the industry was just entering the beginning of its digital revolution. Almost a decade later, I've worked on both the buy-side and the sell-side, lived and worked in three different countries, and most recently have been part of building a very successful international programmatic offering for a DOOH publisher across Europe. It's been a wild learning curve for most of us in DOOH over the past few years, forging a global network of industry experts - many of whom will feature in our courses. The biggest challenge we faced as an industry was one of education - why is knowledge in DOOH so hard to come by, and how can we better centralise the global conversation around it? With the mission to create a learning platform dedicated to DOOH, and its evolution into the realm of programmatic, I set about creating certification courses that educated all those willing to learn about one of the fastest-growing industries in media. And so, doohx was born.

Brooke Ermogenis

Founder + Head of Insight