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Whether you're looking to engage with and learn from The OOH Society, or are eager to become an OOH-certified professional, we have a membership level to suit your educational ambitions.




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Included in every membership

With OOH Masterclasses delivered weekly, thought-provoking discussions designed to help shape the future of OOH, shared insights from our global members and a place to have your questions answered, The OOH Society is the new home of OOH and included in every membership level.

OOH Enthusiast

The OOH Society

Your chance to engage with and learn from the global OOH community, our base membership includes monthly access to The OOH Society - with new Masterclass videos weekly, and fortnightly discussion posts, Q&As, and content sharing opportunities for our members. doohx certifications can be purchased at any time at a 50% discount.

OOH Professionals

The OOH Society + 101 Certifications

Our OOH Professionals will have the foundational knowledge at hand to engage with The OOH Society, and the industry at large, in a meaningful way. Learn all the basics, and enhance your Masterclass learnings through our 101 certification programs - PDOOH 101 and DOOH 101 - which are included in your membership.

OOH Innovators

The OOH Society + All doohx certifications

Our Innovators are those hungry to stay at the forefront of the OOH industry - with access to The OOH Society, plus all current and future doohx certifications (listed below). You'll receive first access to any new certifications released, and the opportunity to join doohx in our quarterly round tables where we discuss the topics shaping our industry.

Our certifications

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Not a native English speaker?

No problem

Every video Masterclass released in The OOH Society will also be released in a variety of different languages - starting with French, Spanish, and Portuguese. We've gone a step beyond simple captions, and have dubbed all our videos in your native language to make our education more inclusive and accessible the world over.

Become an OOH Innovator

The OOH Society + All doohx certifications


  • Do I have to commit to a long-term subscription?

    Not at all! Our subscriptions are rolling monthly memberships, which can be cancelled at any time.

  • Do I get access to all the certifications right away?

    In our OOH Professional subscription, your certifications - PDOOH 101 and DOOH 101 - will be immediately available to you once your membership is active, as will your access to The OOH Society. For our OOH Innovators, the 101 courses and PDOOH Advanced will be immediately available, with PDOOH for Buyers and PDOOH for Publishers unlocking after 3 months of membership.

  • Can I just be a membe of The OOH Society, without the certifications?

    Absolutely! Our base membership - OOH Enthusiasts - includes rolling access to The OOH Society. That includes our weekly Masterclasses, discussion posts, additional resources and more!

  • Will I be able to access all The OOH Society's content on an ongoing basis?

    Yes, you will! This can be done in one of two ways. One is to simply search the content you're looking for within The OOH Society via our app, or you can find all our content in our 'doohx - Knowledge Base', which you'll find under the 'Learn' tab of our app. All our content will be saved here by topic category, which you'll be able to refer to at any time.

  • English is not my first language, can I still learn?

    We understand that having a truly global standard of education means being accessible to many different languages and markets around the world. And while the content in the main feed of The OOH Society will be in English, you can find all our content in our 'doohx - Knowledge Base' for your particular language, which you'll find under the 'Learn' tab of our app. We have begun with French, Spanish and Portuguese, with more languages on their way.