Subscription-based OOH Education

doohx's The OOH Society is a centralised hub for education, connection, and thought-leadership in outdoor advertising. Combining access to industry-leading certification programs and a community-based education platform, The OOH Society will inform and connect the global OOH industry like never before.



Through our continued partnership with Broadsign, our industry-leading certification programs will equip media professionals with the expertise to trade OOH, DOOH and PDOOH effectively and with confidence.

Why now?

Make learning a habit. Stay ahead of the industry.

OOH is now the fastest growing ad medium in the world. With the rapid digitisation of inventory and the consolidation of trading through programmatic channels, it's never been more important to be active about your OOH education.

More than just certifications

Learn. Connect. Collaborate.

What is The OOH Society?

Weekly educational content and discussion, all accessible through the doohx app

  • Masterclass series

    Each week, doohx will release a new short-form, educational masterclass. The who, what, how of OOH will be delivered to you in easily digestible and interactive learning videos - ranging from static OOH through to programmatic trading, and beyond.

  • Discussion forum

    Fortnightly, doohx will post a new discussion topic for our community to connect on and discuss. Valuing our members' input from all over the world, this is a time to share ideas, local market insights, or dive further into the hows and whys of our industry.

  • Shared resources

    Every two weeks, we open up the floor for members to share their own educational resources. Recent blogs, podcasts, platform training videos and more, our community will have the chance to share their knowledge - like LinkedIn, but in a specialised, uncluttered environment.

What's included?

One subscription to meet all you OOH education needs

  • The OOH Society

    Releasing 5 certifications worth of content annually, The OOH Society is the new home of OOH. With weekly, short-form educational content, open discussions, Q&A sessions, platform demonstrations, downloadable resources and much more, learning has just become as dynamic as the OOH industry itself.

  • doohx Certifications

    Sponsored by Broadsign, all our current and future certification programs - including PDOOH 101, DOOH 101, PDOOH Advanced, PDOOH for Buyers and PDOOH for Publishers - are available to our members, to establish themselves as experts in the industry.

  • doohx App

    Access to our new learning community - The OOH Society - and all our certifications is now available through the doohx app - available through the Google Play and Apple App stores.

The OOH Society

Dynamic learning for a dynamic industry

  • Weekly release of easily digestible, short-form masterclass content from doohx on all things OOH, DOOH and PDOOH.

  • Automatic access to the full suite of doohx certification courses, designed solidify the foundations of education and certify our members in OOH advertising.

  • Discussion posts, designed to ignite a global conversation around new topics each week - covering all things from the current state of OOH through to innovations and ideas for the future

  • Q & A - curious about a particular topic? Need answers to navigate a particular aspect of OOH? Each fortnight, members will have the opportunity to ask their burning questions, with both doohx and other members able to offer answers and insight.

  • Member content - each fortnight, members will have the opportunity to share their own OOH content, whether that be a blog post, podcast, case study, webinar or platform demonstration.

  • Downloadable resources in the form of checklists, playbooks, templates and more

Our Memberships

The OOH Society

Gain access to our certifications, weekly OOH educational Masterclasses, and so much more.

Who is The OOH Society for?


  • OOH Professionals

    The industry is evolving faster than ever, and it's no secret staying up-to-date on the latest technologies, trends, and insights in the OOH and broader media industry is crucial. The OOH Society will keep you ahead of the curb and establish you as a thought-leader in your industry.

  • Digital Marketers

    OOH has been on the radar for marketers in a big way for the past few years, but the nuances and specifics of this tried and true medium are as detailed as they are varied. Learn to trade OOH with confidence, and understand how to make a truly efficient and effective media plan by harnessing its benefits.

  • Onboarding and Training

    As the only global education solution in OOH, a membership to The OOH Society is all your team needs to understand the ins and outs of the outdoor industry. Whether onboarding new staff or upskilling your team, The OOH Society holds as much value for industry veterans as it does to the OOH uninitiated.

The OOH Society

Want to learn more?

We have a subscription to suit your educational goals, whatever they may be. Let's take a look at our memberships in more detail.